Software & Web development

My skills in Software and Web Development are growing, with a focused interest and increasing proficiency in JavaScript, React, TypeScript, and Next.js. These are the areas where I feel most confident. I have also had the opportunity to work with React Native and Expo for mobile development projects, which has helped me gain experience in various platforms. During my internship, I was introduced to Vue and Java, which has broadened my technical knowledge. Additionally, I am familiar with SQL and have completed a number of MongoDB University courses, applying this knowledge in a few projects.

Graphic Design / Media Production

I am quite familiar with using a range of Adobe software. My regular use includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD, which I employ on a daily basis. While I am more proficient in these areas, I also have experience in video editing with Premiere Pro and animation with After Effects, where my skills are at a competent hobbyist level. Graphic design is a field I am deeply passionate about, and I see myself as a creative individual.

Cyber Security

My interest in cybersecurity and ethical hacking was piqued a few years ago, leading me to self-directed study and the execution of several small-scale projects in this area. I have been actively engaging with the platform for hands-on experience and regularly consume literature pertinent to this field to broaden my understanding. Additionally, I have successfully completed a comprehensive cybersecurity course at my university, further solidifying my knowledge and skills in this domain.

3D Modeling & Printing

My experience in 3D Modeling and Printing includes foundational skills in Blender 3D modeling, acquired through a specific course. Additionally, I have developed proficiency in operating 3D printers and designing models using Autodesk Inventor, enhanced by a course focused on 3D printing techniques.

Game Development and Virtual Enviornments

Regarding Game Development and Virtual Environments, I possess hands-on experience with the Unity engine, having created simple games for both desktop and mobile platforms. A separate course in virtual environments further enriched my skills, particularly in modeling real-world places and buildings within 3D environments.

Software Business / Service Design

My knowledge base includes the fundamentals of the software business sector and the essentials of initiating a business. This understanding was further enhanced through a course where my team and I developed a business strategy plan for a hypothetical startup company. Additionally, I have studied service design, equipping me with the skills to design software following the principles of service design.


  • Next.js
  • Tailwind
  • Typescript

I created a website for my friends business. I used Next.js and Tailwind CSS to create a simple and responsive site.

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  • React
  • Tailwind V2

The second portfolio site for myself. I wanted to create a site that is simple and easy to navigate. I also wanted to try out Tailwind CSS and I was pretty happy with the result.

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  • React Native
  • Typescript
  • Expo

LAN Party Helper App

App for organizing food orders and randomizing teams at LAN parties. App is still in development and I plan to add more features to it.

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  • React Native
  • Typescript
  • Expo

QR Browser-Otto Locator

App that has two "tools": First one scans a QR code that holds a web URL and then opens that URL in an in-app browser. Second tool shows the location and distance of a nearest ATM.

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  • Cybersecurity


Between my university studies I often used to develop my skills and knowledge on TryHackMe (cybersecurity training platform online). It's been a great experience so far. Lately tho I haven't had that much spare time to explore the platform.

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  • React
  • MUI

Wine Notes App

This app lets you rate multiple wines and their characteristics. App then stores this data into browsers local storage. This was one of the first bigger projects during my studies.

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  • Linux

Kali Linux on RPi

In this tutorial we go through installing Kali Linux on a small computer (SBC) called Raspberry Pi. After installing the OS we setup SSH (secure shell) and VNC (virtual network computing). And finally we install drivers for Alfanetwork adapter.

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  • Framer

UI/UX design with Framer

During our Service Design course our team was designing a new AI-helper for university students. I was responsible for the UI and UX design. You can view the project in Framer by clicking the link below.

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  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS

Movie Library site

One of the older assignments on earlier coding courses at school. You can view pre defined library of movies, add new movies to the library or remove existing ones from it.

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